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Hardener, activators, and thinners are essential products used in various fields such as automotive, industrial, and DIY projects. These products are designed to help enhance the performance and properties of coatings and paints, as well as facilitate the application process.

Hardener is a key component in the curing process of coatings and paints, ensuring a durable and long-lasting finish. Activators, on the other hand, are used to accelerate the drying time of coatings, providing a quick and efficient solution for projects with tight deadlines. Thinners are used to adjust the viscosity of coatings and paints, making them easier to apply and ensuring a smooth and even finish.

With a wide range of options available, including fast, extra-fast, and fade-out variants, professionals and enthusiasts alike can choose the product that best suits their specific needs. Whether you are looking to speed up the curing process, enhance the durability of your coatings, or improve the application process, hardeners, activators, and thinners offer versatile solutions for a variety of projects.

From leading brands such as ROBERLO, PPG Nexa, SEALEY, SWS, and U-POL, these products are known for their quality and reliability in the industry. Whether you are working on automotive refinishing, industrial coatings, or DIY home projects, having a reliable supply of hardeners, activators, and thinners is essential for achieving professional results.

Investing in high-quality hardeners, activators, and thinners can help you achieve a flawless finish and ensure the longevity of your projects. With the right products at your disposal, you can take your coatings and painting projects to the next level.
Clearcoat Hardener12
Clearcoat hardeners are essential components in the automotive refinishing industry. These products are specifically designed to accelerate the curing process of clearcoat paint, which results in a durable and glossy finish on vehicles.

Clearcoat hardeners come in various formulas and drying times to accommodate different painting conditions and preferences. Fast hardeners, such as the ROBERLO P6000 hardener fast and U-POL SYSTEM 2030 FAST HARDENER, are suitable for quick paint jobs that require a speedy drying process. On the other hand, extra-fast hardeners like the ROBERLO P7000 hardener extra-fast are ideal for rapid curing in high-temperature environments or when working under time pressure.

In addition to their drying capabilities, clearcoat hardeners also contribute to the overall quality and longevity of the paint job. By promoting a strong chemical bond between the clearcoat layer and the underlying basecoat, these products help prevent premature paint failure, such as peeling, fading, or chipping. This ensures that the vehicle's finish remains pristine and protected against environmental factors, such as UV radiation, moisture, and contaminants.

When selecting a clearcoat hardener, it is crucial to consider compatibility with the clearcoat paint being used, as well as the environmental conditions in which the painting will take place. By choosing the right hardener for the job, automotive refinishers can achieve professional results that meet industry standards for appearance, durability, and performance.
Clearcoat Hardener
Etch & Epoxy Hardener2
The Etch & Epoxy Hardener category includes a variety of products designed to aid in the curing and hardening of epoxy resin. These hardeners are crucial components in the epoxy resin system, as they help to initiate the chemical reaction that transforms the liquid resin into a durable and solid material.

One of the key products in this category is the ROBERLO REPOX Hardener, which comes in a convenient 300ml size. This hardener is specifically formulated to work seamlessly with epoxy resin, ensuring a reliable and consistent curing process. By adding the appropriate amount of hardener to the resin mixture, users can control the setting time, strength, and durability of the final epoxy product.

Whether you are working on a DIY project at home or tackling a large-scale industrial application, having the right hardener is essential for achieving optimal results. The Etch & Epoxy Hardener category offers a range of options to suit different project requirements, including fast-curing hardeners for quick turnaround times and long-curing hardeners for complex applications.

In addition to facilitating the curing process, many hardeners in this category also offer additional benefits such as improved adhesion, chemical resistance, and UV protection. These value-added features can enhance the performance and longevity of the epoxy resin, making it suitable for a wide range of applications including coatings, repairs, and casting.

Overall, the Etch & Epoxy Hardener category provides essential products for anyone working with epoxy resin. Whether you are a hobbyist, professional contractor, or industrial manufacturer, having access to high-quality hardeners can make a significant difference in the quality and durability of your epoxy projects.
Etch & Epoxy Hardener
Fade Out Thinner3
Fade Out Thinner is an essential addition to any automotive refinishing shop. Designed to help blend paint and clear coat seamlessly without creating harsh lines or edges, fade out thinner is a key component in achieving professional, flawless finishes.

Products in this category, such as PPG Nexa 2K - Fade Out Thinner-5L and PPG Nexa 2K - HS Plus Fade Out Thinner-5L, are formulated to effectively fade out color differences between newly applied paint and the existing finish. This allows for a smooth transition that is virtually undetectable to the naked eye, resulting in a uniform and polished appearance.

Fade out thinner is particularly useful when repairing small areas of damage or making spot repairs on vehicles. By blending the new paint color with the surrounding area using fade out thinner, technicians can achieve a seamless finish that matches the rest of the car's paint job.

In addition to aiding in color blending, fade out thinner also helps to prevent solvent popping, overspray, and other common issues that can arise during the refinishing process. This ensures a high-quality, durable finish that will stand the test of time.

Whether you are a professional auto body shop or a DIY enthusiast looking to achieve professional results, fade out thinner is a must-have product in your arsenal. With its ability to seamlessly blend paint and clear coat, fade out thinner makes it easy to achieve a flawless finish every time.
Fade Out Thinner
Miscellaneous Thinner4

The Miscellaneous Thinner category offers a variety of thinners and solvents essential for various industrial and DIY applications. These products are designed to effectively thin and dissolve paints, varnishes, and other coatings, making them easier to apply and achieve desired results.

One of the products in this category is the SEALEY Thinners Pump for 25L Drum, which is a convenient and practical solution for dispensing thinners from large drums. This pump allows for easy and precise application, reducing waste and ensuring the right amount of thinner is used every time.

Another product available in this category is the SWS Acetone in 5 Ltr White Tin (Boxed). Acetone is a powerful solvent commonly used for cleaning and degreasing surfaces, as well as thinning lacquers and adhesives. This product comes in a secure and easy-to-use tin packaging, making it a versatile and essential addition to any workshop or project.

Whether you are a professional painter, carpenter, mechanic, or DIY enthusiast, the Miscellaneous Thinner category has the products you need to achieve professional results. These thinners and solvents are formulated to high-quality standards, ensuring effective and reliable performance every time.

Browse our selection of Miscellaneous Thinners today and discover the perfect solution for your thinning and solvent needs. From acetone to paint thinners, we have everything you need to tackle any project with ease and confidence.
Miscellaneous Thinner
Primer Hardener13
Primer hardeners are essential components in the automotive refinishing industry, playing a crucial role in the overall durability and performance of primers and coatings. These hardeners are specifically formulated to accelerate the drying time of primers, allowing for quicker turnaround times and improved productivity in body shops and automotive repair facilities.

The Primer Hardener category offers a range of products designed to cater to different drying speed requirements. From fast to extra-fast hardeners, auto body professionals can choose the appropriate formulation based on their specific project needs. For instance, the ROBERLO P6000 hardener fast and ROBERLO P7000 hardener extra-fast are ideal options for projects that require rapid curing times without compromising on quality.

U-POL SYSTEM 2030 FAST HARDENER 500ML and U-POL S2030 FAST HARDENER 5L are also popular choices in this category, known for their effectiveness in accelerating the drying process of primers and fillers. These hardeners are formulated to provide a smooth and durable finish, ensuring long-lasting results while reducing overall project timelines.

By using primer hardeners, automotive professionals can achieve a quality finish that is resistant to scratches, chemicals, and environmental elements. Additionally, the accelerated drying times offered by these products help minimize the risk of dust and debris contamination, resulting in a flawless paint job every time.

Overall, Primer Hardeners are essential products for achieving high-quality, long-lasting finishes in the automotive refinishing industry. With a variety of options available, professionals can easily find the right hardener to meet their specific project requirements and achieve superior results.
Primer Hardener
The Hardener category features a wide range of 2K Medium Solid, High Solid, and Ultra High Solid Hardeners that are essential for professional auto body repair and refinishing. These hardeners are designed to be used in conjunction with various ancillaries available in our web shop. Each product within this category has its own specific properties and applications, so it is important to refer to the Technical Data Sheet for detailed information on the hardeners and their associated products.

Some of the top products in this category include Lechler Fast Activator, U-POL Hardener, Octoral Fast Hardener, ROBERLO Standard Hardener, and MK1 Diamond Clearcoat Hardener. Whether you need a fast, medium, or slow hardener for your specific project, the Hardener category has you covered with a wide selection of top-quality products from trusted brands like Lechler, U-POL, Octoral, ROBERLO, and MK1.
2K Thinner6
2K Thinner is a versatile and essential product category in the automotive and industrial painting industry. This category encompasses a wide range of thinners specifically designed for use with 2K (two-component) paints and coatings. 2K Thinner is formulated to effectively reduce the viscosity of 2K paints without compromising their cure time or overall performance.

Whether you are working with epoxy, polyurethane, or other types of 2K coatings, having the right thinner on hand is key to achieving optimal results. By properly thinning 2K paints, you can ensure smooth and even application, as well as excellent adhesion and durability. Additionally, using a compatible 2K Thinner can help prevent issues such as orange peel, runs, and dry spray, resulting in a flawless finish.

In the 2K Thinner category, you can find a variety of thinners to suit different painting conditions and application methods. Some thinners are designed for use in hot or humid environments, while others are formulated for use with specific types of 2K paints. Additionally, there are fast, medium, and slow evaporating thinners available to accommodate different working speeds and temperatures.

2K Thinner is a must-have product for professional painters, auto body shops, and industrial facilities that frequently work with 2K coatings. By choosing high-quality thinners from reputable brands, you can enhance the performance and appearance of your painted surfaces while achieving greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your painting projects.

Explore our selection of 2K Thinners to find the right products for your specific painting needs and achieve professional results every time.
2K Thinner
Gun Wash9

This category offers a wide selection of solvent-based thinners and gun wash products to meet a variety of needs in the automotive and industrial painting industries. From 2k Universal thinner to antibloom options, we carry specific thinners tailored to different ancillaries and applications. Whether you need a 1.0L or 5.0L bottle, we have you covered with products like the 2K Uni Thinner, Lechler Autofinishing Thinner, Standard Thinner, Antibloom Thinner, and more. Keep your equipment clean and in top condition with our gun wash options such as Lechler HF800 Gunwash. With products like Lechler MC885 Fade Out Blender and Octoral Rapid Surfacer Thinner, you can achieve high-quality finishes and smooth surfaces. Stock up on your essential thinner and gun wash products from this category for professional results every time.

Gun Wash
Additives & Accelerators18
Additives & Accelerators are essential products for those in the automotive and industrial finishing industries. These products are designed to enhance the performance of coatings, paints, and varnishes, allowing for better results in a shorter amount of time. Included in this category are accelerators such as Rocket 2K Accelerator and Lechler 09167 Accelerator, which help speed up the drying process of coatings. Thinner products like Lechler HF900 Thinner and Octoral TW80 Thinner are also available to adjust the viscosity of coatings for optimal application.

Additionally, additives like Lechler HH981 Hydrofan Basecoat Activator and TECHNICO SMOOTHER Anti-Silicone Crater Stopper help to improve the overall quality and finish of coatings. Whether you are looking to speed up drying times, improve adhesion, or achieve a smoother finish, the Additives & Accelerators category has the products you need to elevate your finishing projects.
Additives & Accelerators
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