Consumables & Masking

Consumables and miscellaneous products make up a crucial category for various industries and DIY enthusiasts. From making materials to fillers and polish, this category offers a wide range of products to suit different needs and purposes. Whether you are working on a home improvement project, automotive repair, or crafting project, consumables are essential products that you will require to ensure quality results.

Some of the key products in this category include 3M PPS Kits, plastic cups, mixing pots, general purpose rolls, microfiber finishing cloths, paint strainers, glue cartridges, mixer nozzles, glue guns, seam sealers, activators, compound heads, backing plates, and Velcro compound foams. These products are designed to provide convenience, efficiency, and high performance in various applications.

Consumables are designed to be used up or consumed in the process of performing a task. They are often necessary for completing a project or job and may include disposable items or products that need to be replenished regularly. Whether you are a professional tradesperson or a hobbyist, having access to quality consumables can make your work easier and more successful.

In conclusion, consumables play a vital role in various industries and projects by providing essential materials and products for different tasks. With a diverse range of options available, you can easily find the consumables you need to achieve your desired results. Make sure to stock up on these essential products to ensure smooth and successful work processes.

Sealers & Bonding Adhesives16
Sealers & Bonding Adhesives are essential tools for various industries and applications, providing universal and bespoke solutions for sealing and bonding needs. From panel bonding and trim bonding to windscreen adhesion, the products in this category offer reliable and durable results.

Whether you are working on auto body repairs, construction projects, or DIY tasks, Sealers & Bonding Adhesives provide the strength and flexibility needed to create long-lasting bonds. The wide range of products available cater to different requirements, offering options such as brushable seam sealers, aerosol activators, and polyurethane sealants.

Some of the top products in this category include the U-POL Tiger Seal 310ml, Indasa Brushable Seam Sealer, and Roberlo Brushable Seam Sealer 1L. These high-quality sealers and adhesives ensure professional results and efficient application, saving time and effort in your projects.

In addition to bonding materials, Sealers & Bonding Adhesives also include accessories such as seam sealer brushes and paint strippers to complete your toolkit. With trusted brands like 3M, STARCHEM, and ProXL offering their products in this category, you can rely on the quality and performance of these sealers and adhesives.

If you are looking for reliable solutions for bonding and sealing, Sealers & Bonding Adhesives are an essential category to explore. With a diverse range of products to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your specific needs and ensure durable bonds and seals in your projects.
Sealers & Bonding Adhesives

Personal protective equipment

Paint Cup Systems (PPS Cups)10

Paint Cup Systems are essential tools for any professional painter or DIY enthusiast looking to streamline their painting process. These systems are designed to make mixing, applying, and storing paint easier and more efficient. With various sizes and configurations available, there is a paint cup system for every project, whether it be a small touch-up job or a large-scale painting project.

These systems typically include disposable cups, liners, lids, and adapters that are compatible with various paint guns and sprayers. They help reduce waste, save time on cleanup, and ensure accurate mixing ratios for consistently smooth and even paint application. Whether you are working on automotive, industrial, or household painting projects, a reliable paint cup system can make a significant difference in the quality and efficiency of your work. Choose from trusted brands like 3M, Gerko, and Mirka to find the perfect paint cup system for your needs.

Paint Cup Systems (PPS Cups)
Fillers are essential products in the world of automotive repair and restoration. From repairing dents and scratches to creating smooth surfaces for painting, fillers play a crucial role in achieving a flawless finish. The Filler category encompasses a wide range of products designed to meet various needs and requirements.

One popular product in this category is the U-POL SMC Carbon Fibre Reinforced Filler, which is ideal for repairing structural and cosmetic damage on cars. This black 1.1L filler provides strength and durability, making it perfect for high-performance applications. Another highly sought-after product is the STARCEM Circular Fast Fit Sanding Block, which is designed for precise sanding and finishing of filler surfaces. Its ergonomic design ensures easy handling and enhanced control, making it a favorite among professionals.

For larger projects, the U-POL Large Professional Glass Fibre Kit is a must-have item. This comprehensive kit includes everything needed to repair glass fibre surfaces, such as bumpers and body panels. With easy-to-follow instructions and high-quality materials, this kit makes repairs a breeze for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Overall, the Filler category offers a diverse selection of products to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you are a seasoned automotive technician or a hobbyist looking to spruce up your vehicle, fillers are indispensable tools that can help you achieve outstanding results. Discover the endless possibilities with the Filler category and elevate your automotive restoration projects to new heights.
Mixing Cups & Strainers13
Find all your mixing cups and strainers needs in this comprehensive collection. From plastic cups to mixing pots, and paint strainers of various sizes and types, this category offers everything you need to ensure a smooth and efficient mixing process for your painting projects.

Whether you are a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, having the right tools for mixing and straining paint is essential for achieving a flawless finish. Our high-quality plastic cups, durable mixing pots, and reliable paint strainers ensure that your paint is free from impurities and mixed to perfection every time.

With a wide range of products to choose from, including different sizes and styles, you are sure to find the perfect mixing cups and strainers to suit your specific needs. Don't compromise on quality when it comes to painting – shop our selection of mixing cups and strainers today.
Mixing Cups & Strainers
Stonechip & Underbody Coatings13
Enhance the durability and protection of your vehicle with our wide range of stone chip and underbody coatings. Whether you are looking to prevent corrosion, seal out moisture, or simply add an extra layer of defense to your vehicle's exterior, we have the perfect products to suit your needs. Our selection includes top brands like Upol, Indasa, Roberlo, and Mipa, known for their high-quality and reliable coatings. From stone chip protectors to underbody coatings, we have everything you need to keep your vehicle looking great for years to come. Trust in our products to provide long-lasting protection and peace of mind while on the road. Shop our stone chip and underbody coatings today and give your vehicle the protection it deserves.
Stonechip & Underbody Coatings
Masking is a crucial step in the process of painting and refinishing surfaces, ensuring clean lines and protecting areas that do not need to be painted. In this category, we offer a wide range of masking materials and equipment to suit all your needs.

From fine line tape for precision detailing to masking machines for seamless application, we carry products from top manufacturers such as J-Tape, Q1, Mirka, and Indasa. Our selection includes a variety of double-sided tapes in different widths, fine line tapes for intricate designs, and masking papers in various sizes.

Whether you are working on small touch-ups or large painting projects, we have the right tools for the job. Our range of masking tapes includes options such as white static polymask, Indasa masking tapes in different widths, and J-Tapes for specialized applications.

For more specific needs, we offer products like Gerko masking film, J-Tape trim masking tape, and foam masking tapes for smooth edges. Our high-quality masking materials are designed to provide clean, sharp lines and protect surfaces from paint, overspray, and other potential damage.

With our comprehensive range of masking products, you can ensure professional results on all your painting and refinishing projects. Shop our selection today to find the perfect masking materials and equipment for your needs.
Plastic Repair15
Plastic Repair products offer a specialized solution for repairing a variety of plastic materials with durable filler and adhesive glues. These products are designed to provide a long-lasting repair that won't easily fracture or break, unlike common polyester fillers. By using specific plastic repair consumables, users can trust that their repair will be strong and reliable.

Some of the key products in the Plastic Repair category include the Rigid Glue Cartridge 50ml and the Flexible Glue Cartridge 50ml, which are ideal for different types of plastic repairs. Mixer Nozzles are also available to ensure precise application of the adhesive glues. The Glue Gun makes it easy to apply the filler and adhesive with precision.

Other notable products in this category include the U-POL Plast X 6, Roberlo Multiplast 1KG, and Evercoat Poly-Flex Polyester Stopper 880ml. These high-quality products are trusted by professionals for their effectiveness and durability in plastic repair applications. The CONCEPT P.B.R SPECIAL - PLASTIC BUMPER RENOVATOR GEL 1L and ROBERLO BUMPER PLAST - PLASTIC REPAIR PU options are also available for specific plastic bumper repair needs.

For reinforcement and added strength, products like the U-POL Fibral Bag 1.0L and U-POL ALUMINIUM MESH are essential accessories for plastic repairs. Whether you are working on small repairs or larger projects, the Plastic Repair category offers a comprehensive selection of products to meet your needs and ensure a successful repair every time.
Plastic Repair
Degreaser & Wipes29
Degreaser & Wipes category offers a wide range of products designed to effectively remove grease, grime, and contaminants from various surfaces. Whether you need to clean panels, tools, or equipment, this category has everything you need to ensure a spotless finish.

Products such as panel wipes, silicone removers, spirit wipes, and tack rags are available to make your cleaning tasks easier and more efficient. The selection also includes degreasers in various sizes and formulations to suit different cleaning needs.

From well-known brands like 3M, U-POL, and Lechler, you can trust the quality of these products to deliver excellent results. Whether you're a professional in the automotive industry or a DIY enthusiast, the Degreaser & Wipes category has the right products to help you achieve a clean and smooth surface every time.
Degreaser & Wipes
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