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Accessories & Equipment is a diverse category that includes a wide range of products designed to enhance and simplify various tasks and processes. From tools and gadgets to protective gear and implements, this category caters to a variety of needs across different industries and activities.

One primary subcategory within Accessories & Equipment is tools, which consist of items like cutting tools, measuring devices, and fastening instruments. These tools help users streamline their work, improve precision, and increase efficiency in tasks that require manual labor or technical expertise. For example, U-POL MASKING FILM CUTTERS 5PACK are specifically designed to help professionals accurately cut masking film for automotive painting jobs, saving time and ensuring clean edges.

On the other hand, equipment in this category includes items like safety gear, protective clothing, and other specialized implements that safeguard users from physical harm or environmental hazards. These products are essential for individuals working in high-risk environments, such as construction sites, laboratories, or healthcare facilities. By providing reliable protection, Accessories & Equipment enhance workplace safety and reduce the likelihood of accidents or injuries.

In addition to tools and equipment, this category also encompasses a variety of accessories that complement and enhance the functionality of other products or devices. These accessories may include adapters, connectors, batteries, or carrying cases that improve the usability and convenience of electronic gadgets, tools, or appliances. By offering added features and customization options, accessories contribute to a better user experience and increase the overall value of a product.

Overall, Accessories & Equipment play a crucial role in supporting various industries and activities by providing users with reliable tools, equipment, and accessories that enhance performance, safety, and convenience. Whether for professional use or personal projects, this category offers a diverse selection of products that cater to a wide range of needs and preferences.

Express Paints are suppliers of automotive and industrial paint to body shops, smart repairers and individuals, stocking a variety of leading paint brands such as Octoral, Lechler, Lechsys, Lesonnal, Mipa and Pro Spray. We can mix paint on site to Ral, British Standard codes, vehicle colour codes or colour match using our colour spectrometer.

We stock abrasives, adhesives, aerosols, air fed masks, body shop equipment, compounds, degreasers, extraction units, fillers, gloves, lacquers & activator, masking tapes & papers, masks, mixing cups, orbital sanders, overalls, paper rolls, panel wipe, polishes, primers spray guns, stoppers, thinners, wheel paints and more.

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